Our Philosophy

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Listen deeply

The first stage of our process is pretty simple. It starts from listening to our client's challenges and understanding what their goals are. Too many consultants come in with a "know it all" attitude and miss the mark applying logic that may have worked with another client or situation. 

Cogitate then develop a plan

In the working of a move forward plan, Cogitate works to a develop a working plan that explains how the go forward will affect every aspect or team involved to achieve the goal. We work to identify the roadblocks and strategies to move around them, over them or through them. 


Take action

A good strategic plan drives the tactical steps that follow. At Cogitate, we're about taking and pushing aggressive next steps to achieve the goal. We work tirelessly to pivot organizations to put them on track for success.

The end goal...

Avoidance of obstacles
Always looking two steps ahead and working three.

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